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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Calibration and diagnostic accuracy of simple flotation, McMaster and FLOTAC for parasite egg counts in sheep 1-gen-2011 Rinaldi, L; Coles, Gc; Maurelli, Mp; Musella, V; Cringoli, G
Characterization of the second internal transcribed spacer of ribosomal DNA of Calicophoron daubneyi from various hosts and locations in southern Italy 1-gen-2005 Rinaldi, L; Perugini, Ag; Capuano, F; Fenizia, D; Musella, V; Veneziano, V; Cringoli, G
Cystic echinococcosis in water buffaloes: Epidemiological survey and molecular evidence of ovine (G1) and buffalo (G3) strains 1-gen-2006 Capuano, F; Rinaldi, L; Maurelli, Mp; Perugini, Ag; Veneziano, V; Garippa, G; Genchi, C; Musella, V; Cringoli, G
FLOTAC: An improved method for diagnosis of lungworm infections in sheep 1-gen-2010 Rinaldi, L; Maurelli, Mp; Musella, V; Santaniello, A; Coles, Gc; Cringoli, G
Geographical information systems as a tool in the control of heartworm infections in dogs and cats 1-gen-2011 Rinaldi, L; Genchi, C; Musella, V; Genchi, M; Cringoli, G
An integrated approach to control Cystic Echinococcosis in southern Italy 1-gen-2021 Cringoli, G.; Pepe, P.; Bosco, A.; Maurelli, M. P.; Baldi, L.; Ciaramella, P.; Musella, V.; Buonanno, M. L.; Capuano, F.; Corrado, F.; Ianniello, D.; Alves, L. C.; Sarnelli, P.; Rinaldi, L.
Is gastrointestinal strongyle faecal egg count influenced by hour of sample collection and worm burden in goats? 1-gen-2009 Rinaldi, L; Veneziano, V; Morgoglione, Me; Pennacchio, S; Santaniello, M; Schioppi, M; Musella, V; Fedele, V; Cringoli, G
Neospora caninum in pastured cattle: determination of climatic, environmental, farm management and individual animal risk factors using remote sensing and geographical information systems 1-gen-2005 Rinaldi, L; Fusco, G; Musella, V; Veneziano, V; Guarino, A; Taddei, R; Cringoli, G
On the use of posterior predictive probabilities and prediction uncertainty to tailor informative sampling for parasitological surveillance in livestock. 1-gen-2014 Musella, V; Rinaldi, L; Lagazio, C; Cringoli, G; Biggeri, A; Catelan, D.
Use of remote sensing and geographical information systems to identify environmental features that influence the distribution of paramphistomosis in sheep from the southern Italian Apennines 1-gen-2004 Cringoli, G; Taddei, R; Rinaldi, L; Veneziano, V; Musella, V; Cascone, C; Sibilio, G; Malone, Jb
Mostrati risultati da 2 a 11 di 11
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