MOLLACE, Vincenzo
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Tantali fibromyalgic supplicium: Is there any relief with the antidepressant employment? A systematic review, file 4dc669b1-6f43-4213-9719-78708091b354 12
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Parkinsonian toxin-induced oxidative stress inhibits basal autophagy in astrocytes via NQO2/quinone oxidoreductase 2: Implications for neuroprotection., file de164cb3-e1a9-6b31-e053-1705fe0a395c 2
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Development of 3D PVA scaffolds for cardiac tissue engineering and cell screening applications, file de164cb4-5bd7-6b31-e053-1705fe0a395c 1
Effects of C-Peptide Replacement Therapy on Bone Microarchitecture Parameters in Streptozotocin-Diabetic Rats, file de164cb4-6640-6b31-e053-1705fe0a395c 1
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Analytical profile and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of the enriched polyphenol fractions isolated from bergamot fruit and leave, file de164cb4-7852-6b31-e053-1705fe0a395c 1
A Rapid and Cheap Method for Extracting and Quantifying Lycopene Content in Tomato Sauces: Effects of Lycopene Micellar Delivery on Human Osteoblast-like Cells, file de164cb4-7a19-6b31-e053-1705fe0a395c 1
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